Freakin' Healthy Hazelnut Butter Bites, 40g,0.00

Freakin' Healthy Hazelnut Butter Bites, 40g

Brand: Freakin' Healthy

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Our products are completely vegan and do not contain Gluten, Wheat, Eggs or any dairy additives. Besides,who needs such ingredients when you have a team of the best chefs in UAE. The Coconut Nectar, Cocoa Butter, Pea Protein, Hazelnut Oil, and natural Vanilla bean powder makes sure that all your proteins, vitamins and other important it helps our body to gain muscles. All of the nuts used for the manufacturing of this snack are 100% real and cooked in a hygienic environment to ensure your health safety. We don’t need any unnatural thing to make our products tasty and suit your high health standards. So, throw all your worries in the bin, because Freakin’ Healthy is at your service. Don’t worry if you feel lazy to get out of your bed and go to a store to fulfil your cravings, because Freakin’ Healthy will come to your doorstep. Just like other products are available.

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